Video: Garden tour advertisement on KVIC-TV


For the owners of Princeville Botanical Garden, Bill and Lucinda, one of their greatest pleasures evolved to be the sharing of the Garden with others, so in 2010 they obtained a special use permit and subsequently opened the property to the public, offering small, 3-hour guided tours of the garden. Future owners of the property would have the ability to pursue keeping the garden tours operating as a business, or the business could be closed and the gardens kept for their own private enjoyment.

The Garden Tour Business

Princeville Botanical Gardens offers a unique opportunity for visitors to see a family grown and operated botanical garden, complete with exotic flowers, delicious fruit trees, healthy beehives and organic homegrown chocolate. Tours are offered three days each week and provide visitors with an educational walk through all areas of the garden, teaching them about native Hawaiian flora, tropical medicinals, sacred flowers, and food plants, and they also include seasonal fruit samplings of honey tangerines, mangosteens, lychee, rambutan and more, as well as homemade honey samplings and a 1/2-hour chocolate tasting during which they learn about the cacao tree and how the Robertson family processes their own organic chocolate, while sampling delicious gourmet chocolates from around the world.  The video above is an advertisement currently running on the local Kauai Visitor Information Channel (KVIC-TV), which provides an excellent overview of the garden tour.